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The exhibition is torn down, the displays packed away, and tired exhibitors and guests are looking forward to a relaxing weekend before planning starts for the next big show. But make sure you include some time to reflect on what you saw and to think of ways you can incorporate those lessons into your business.

Some of the greatest value in attending industrial expos comes in the days and weeks that follow, when your mind recalls something during the routine course of a day. You rush back to your office and search for that brochure or catalog, hoping you did not toss it out by mistake.

Gear Technology keeps its pre-show guides in the online archives for just such occasions. While nothing truly replaces actually attending the show, reviewing the guidebook later can refresh the memory quite effectively.

We cherish our role as the “library” of the gear trade so, in addition to the show guide issue, the magazine will be reprinting the important technical papers for the companion AGMA Fall Technical Meeting. Our goal is to put cutting-edge gear knowledge at the fingertips of our readers around the world.

Your customers expect nothing less from you. Unlike some industries, gear orders do not get distributed based upon cool model names, the number of USB chargers on board, or the size of the navigation system screen. We have been accused of looking at the back-up camera too much, though.

In case you missed the announcement, AGMA has acquired Gear Technology’s publishing company and will be continuing the outstanding work begun way back in 1984. More details are available in the announcement, which can be found here:


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