The Final Step

So, you have put in your time, you have done the heavy lifting, you are ready to take that final step to the peak of Gear Mountain. Very few people ever reach the summit, and those that do would be quick to disclaim any special honor. Perhaps that is because the view is not as memorable as the journey.

We live in a time when many expect there to be an “app” for everything. Mastery of any subject should be just a download away; plug in a few variables and your answer magically appears on the screen for porting to your 3-D printer. It does not matter if it is engineering, medicine, or literature, why spend years studying when you can hop on the Internet helicopter and go right to the top of the mountain?

Would you let an amateur operate on you or a loved one based upon downloaded instructions? Do you want to read a novel generated by a robot that analyzed thousands of years of great books and came up with an algorithm? Me neither!

Chances are you will traverse the summit of Gear Mountain without realizing it! There is no big flag planting ceremony, no medal to be presented, no anthem played in your honor. You are trudging along the path, answering questions, solving day-to-day problems, developing new products, and learning the intricacies of your processes — and all of a sudden you just “get it.” Like a hall of fame hitter, the game slows down. The ball looks like a pumpkin awaiting your swing.

The only way to truly prove your accomplishment is to show others the way to the top. You cannot stay up there alone, but you can take a step or two back and assist others in their journey. “Masters” need to mentor and teach; they need to write about their methods. Unshared knowledge gets lost forever. Gear Technology is eager to add your insight to the giants who preceded us.

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Charles D. Schultz is President of Beyta Gear Service and one of Gear Technology's technical editors.