Times Haven’t Changed That Much


I have been finding lots of interesting information on the Internet while researching my Fall Technical Meeting paper. Whoever decided to scan old engineering books and trade magazines for online reference did a great service to coming generations. As is often the case in research, you set out looking for information on one topic only to be distracted by a fascinating trail leading somewhere else entirely.

My interest in the adoption of standard tooth forms lead to trade magazine, The Iron Age, Volume #110, reports on AGMA meetings in 1921 and 1922. If you just saw the topic list you might think you were in a contemporary gathering of the association or on a TV business talk show. The 1922 meeting, for example, had a spirited discussion of tariffs and trade policy [page 995] and whether they were good for the gear trade.

Another hot topic was the shortage of skilled labor, rising wages, and the need to improve training methods (page 995). Apprenticeships were debated with the same concerns about retention and cost sharing that we hear today. Even the technical topics seem contemporary, ranging from the hot rolling of gear teeth (page 862) to the study of gear noise (page 994).

If there is interest amongst our readers we might be able to reprint some of these reports. Let me know via the comments.

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