Traditions Adapt

May 30 is our traditional Memorial Day here in the United States. Before the fascination with three-day weekends, we celebrated the holiday on whatever day of the week it fell on. We’ve wrestled all but Christmas and New Years [and the 4th of July] into weekend supporting positions on the calendar and my inner curmudgeon is not entirely convinced it was a good idea.

I have posted before concerning my enjoyment of the year end holiday shutdowns that provided the “skeleton crew” some relaxing days to tidy things up. Some firms still have summer shutdowns but most of us have adapted to a 24/7/365 business world. Never again will the big parade take place on a Thursday. The Indy 500 will confine itself to Sunday just like all the other less celebrated speed contests.

The seven day week is a wonderful “randomizer.” You might have been born on a Tuesday, for example, but your “birthday” will be celebrated on a weekend just as often as someone who emerged on any other day. And in the years your “special day” lands on a weekday you have a perfect excuse to break up the routine.

Why not resist the homogenization of our holiday calendar? Spend a few minutes on the “traditional Memorial Day” thinking about the sacrifices made so life could go on as “usual.” Many gear shops have a working piece of equipment bearing a “war finish” tag that you could visit. Buy a cup of coffee for one of your veteran co-workers.

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