What Are You Thankful For?

We have many international readers here at Gear Technology who may wonder about this most American of holidays — Thanksgiving. Most countries have a full array of religious celebrations, plus an independence day, and perhaps a day off for labor or an important public figure. Americans set a day aside for ‘thanks giving’ — no matter the state of the economy.

It may in recent years seem more like an excuse to start Christmas shopping early or to enjoy an extra helping of our particular variety of football. But the holiday was celebrated long before Christmas was commercialized or football was even invented.

A group of early settlers — or invaders, depending on your political philosophy — had already lost more than half their number to starvation before some of the natives took pity on them and taught them survival skills. Graduate degrees have been earned studying various aspects of that history.

One of the enduring results of that situation is an annual day to pause and give thanks for favors received.

And so we say “thank you” for your support of the magazine and this blog. We wish all of you, no matter where you are, a Happy Thanksgiving.

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