Zoller Highlights Smart Factory Solutions

Zoller Inc. has a new digital playground in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The tooling, inspection and tool management company now has 44,000+ sq. ft. of space to serve its North American customers. The entire product line is available at the new facility for training and demonstrations. This gives customers and clients  a chance to collaborate with Zoller on the latest manufacturing technologies.

Advanced Measuring Technology 

Zoller’s hobCheck offers fully-automatic, economical, and complete measuring of hob cutters – some of unusual size. These are equipped with transmitted light image processing, incident light cameras and measuring probes. More than 15 parameters (like tooth profile, radial run-out/wobble, pitch, shape/position tolerance) can be measured. Furthermore, Werner Lueken, product manager inspection machines, lead a presentation on the full range of tool inspection and measuring solutions during the event. (http://global.zoller.info/usa/products/inspection_measuring)

Zoller Inc. recently hosted an open house at its new facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Software Development

A large area in the new building is dedicated to the company’s in-house software development team. Here, the latest tool management, inspection and measurement software is available for the changing requirements of Zoller’s customers. It’s no coincidence that the department has the look and feel of a high-tech solutions center. The glass walls, natural lighting and open layout—provides a perfect opportunity for collaboration and data exchange. (http://global.zoller.info/usa/products/software)

Tool Management Solutions

Whether your needs are managing single components, tool assemblies, storage locations or set-up sheets, Zoller Inc.’s TMS Tool Management Solutions continue to expand and provide different levels of customization. All tools and components are recorded at a single point and managed using the software. A warehouse management package is available to those that want a standard tool solution throughout the shop. Additionally, a manufacturing organization package gives the user full cost control and transparency of the process chain. (http://global.zoller.info/usa/products/software/managing)

Factory of the Future

This is what the factory of the future potentially looks like, according to Zoller Inc.

A VR tour gave open house attendees an opportunity to see Zoller’s vision for the future—a streamlined factory floor where information is exchanged between departments like quality assurance, regrinding and production. Dietmar Moll, general manager at Zoller Inc., lead a discussion on how to make the smart factory a reality. According to Moll, the end game is to increase efficiency and adaptability while combining the real and digital worlds in manufacturing lines and machining centers. This will involve the analysis of big data sets and provide customers with transparency and traceability throughout the manufacturing floor. (http://global.zoller.info/usa/products/software/datatransfer)

IMTS 2018

Zoller will continue to expand its technologies and share its manufacturing knowhow as we prepare for IMTS 2018 in Chicago. Be sure to stop by Booth 432018 to learn about the new venturion machine as well as the company’s smart factory solutions. In conclusion, the next time you’re in Ann Arbor, we advise you to stop by and see what an Industry 4.0/IIoT Techcenter truly looks like. We also recommend staying for lunch! (Look for case studies featuring Zoller and its customers in upcoming issues of Gear Technology magazine).


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