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MotulTech is industrial lubricants division of the Motul group, an international French industrial group, specialist for more than 160 years in high performance lubricants. More than century and a half of uninterrupted activity which has allowed us to constantly modernise itself and climb to the vanguard of technology. This permanent quest and the determination to move forward have led the company to an envied position in its sector. The company enjoys worldwide repute and is unanimously recognised for the quality of its products, capacity to innovate and involvement in the world of competition. MotulTech develops, manufactures and markets industrial high technology lubricants for the machining and transformation of metals, as well as high performance lubrication of industrial equipment. MotulTech has its presence in many countries all over the world through its products and services as well as production and R&D. In India, Motul Tech develops and manufactures specific high performance product ranges for the industry, in Metal Working, Industrial and specialty Lubrication, aluminium Die casting. MotulTech offer very specific product offer in demanding segments such as aluminium die casting and aeronautic machining. With its performance and technology background coming from automotive competition, Motul offers a different approach to the industrial customers, with tailor made solutions. MotulTech will adapt its solutions to its customers needs where others will ask the customers to adapt to their products ! MotulTech guarantees to its Indian industrial customers high quality and performance products, extensive sales and technical support (including lab services), a performing supply chain, and overall innovative and smart solutions in the industrial lubricants field.