Seco/Vacuum Technologies LLC

Seco/Vacuum Technologies LLC - SECO/Vacuum Technologies (SVT) is a new company from SECO/WARWICK designed to provide vacuum furnaces and related professional services in North America to ensure that we deliver the best experience to our American customers:  Focusing on North America for sales and support; Offering production-size demonstration furnaces for process validation; Expediting delivery of all components, controls, and support documentation; Providing US-based local service teams, including installation and maintenance support; Including aggressive pricing and delivery programs to meet your project needs.180 Mercer Street, Ste. 100
Meadville, PA 16335
Phone: 814-332-8520
Fax: 814-724-1407
Contact: Mark Hemsath, Sales


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Industrial Heat Treating Equipment
SECO/Vacuum Technologies provides heat treatment furnaces for the gear manufacturing industry. In addition, we supply furnaces to customers involved with automotive, aerospace, commercial heat treating, HVAC/R, electronics, wind energy, medical equipment and nuclear industries. We supply customers in North American with vacuum furnaces for gear hardening applications. We are a full-service supplier, beginning with initial support services, equipment manufacturing, system installation, furnace start-up and operator training, as well as aftermarket parts and service.

Technology and Engineering
SECO/Vacuum Technologies’ heat treating equipment is custom engineered to provide customers with optimum performance and system reliability, designed to suit each unique manufacturing environment. Supported by our global engineering network, SECO/Vacuum provides the most advanced metal heat treating technologies, fully developed and field tested, at a competitive price.

Vacuum Furnace Technologies
SECO/Vacuum Technologies offers vacuum heat treating furnaces for a wide variety of processes. Our Vector® single chamber high pressure quench furnace is the workhorse of the industry. For customers wishing to step up to vacuum, we offer the Case Master Evolution®, a multi-chamber furnace with both gas and oil quench capabilities. For high volume gear manufacturers, we also offer the Unicase Master®, a unique single-piece flow continuous vacuum furnace that functions in-line with the manufacturing process.

Ancillary Equipment & Value Adds
We offer material handling equipment, quench systems, and cooling equipment to create a complete manufacturing cell for both batch and continuous systems. Our Value Incentive Program (VIP) is a high-value, sales-and-service package to companies in North America for the most common Vector vacuum furnace models. SVT’s Value Incentive Program provides several of the most common sizes and configurations of our Vector vacuum furnace to customers in the North America with several value-added benefits.