Seco/Warwick Europe S.A.

ul. Swierczewskiego 76
66-200 Swiebodzin 66-200
Phone: +(48) 68-3819-800
Fax: +(48) 68-3819-805


SECO/WARWICK EUROPE S.A. provides industrial furnaces for heat treatment and heat-chemical treatment of metals in a controlled atmosphere, as well as complete production systems that include: atmosphere generators, loading and unloading machines, quench tanks, washers, dryers and computer control systems. For batch or semi-continuous process requirements, SECO/WARWICK EUROPE S.A. provides a selection of standard and custom designed furnaces. Furnaces and devices for heat treatment in the protective atmosphere find use in the wind power,automotive, aircraft, bearing and machine-building industries. They are typically used for heat treatment of work loads such as gear-wheels, shafts, jointed components, bearings and forgings. Activity profile of SECO/WARWICK EUROPE S.A. covers manufacturing of steel structures and technological equipment in accordance with the customerís specification (no name manufacturing).