EMAG L.L.C. - The EMAG Group covers the entire spectrum of machining processes in the metalworking industry. Whether for chucked components or shafts, the companies under the EMAG umbrella offer the latest technological advances to optimize a manufacturing solution for every customer’s requirement. 38800 Grand River Ave.
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Think Vertically

The EMAG Group covers the entire spectrum of machining processes in the metalworking industry. Active in the automotive, oil field, power generation, aerospace and large equipment industries, EMAG is a trendsetter in the field of vertical turning centers and multi-functional production machines. The leader in inverted vertical pick-up lathes, EMAG has integrated its pick-up principle into a wide array of technology-specific machines offering world-class manufacturing with a minimal footprint, short chip-to-chip times and unsurpassed quality. Our focus is on complete processes that allow the customer to machine everything in a single set-up.

EMAG Group Technologies:
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Hobbing
  • Laser Welding
  • Electro-Chemical Machining
  • Induction Hardening
  • Heat Shrink Assembly
  • Skiving

HLC H 150 hobbing machine
The HLC 150 H from EMAG is a horizontal hobbing machine with an integrated chamfering unit that stands out from the rest because of the number of innovations included. This machine has the ability to hob either straight, angled or worm gear profiles on a wide range of geometries (short gears or long shafts with gear profiles), putting all of EMAG KOEPFER’s expertise at the user’s disposal. To compliment this machine’s abilities, a device for chamfering and deburring of components during loading and unloading, without interrupting operations is also included. Together, these features allow for the perfect gear cutting solution with short cycle times and minimized costs.

VT 4 4-axis machining
VT 4: four-axis machining of large batches of gear shafts.

The VL 3 DUO is a complete production system for chucked parts is perfect for the compact production of gears.

Koepfer K 160
EMAG is now the exclusive supplier of the KOEPFER K series machines in the United States. The K 160 gear hobbing machine combines an innovative design principle with state-of-the-art technology, and the wealth of experience gained during generations of gear cutting. Whether used for dry or wet machining, customized automation equipment and an extensive technology package make the K 160 gear hobbing machine an optimal high-speed hobbing center for gear modules up to 2.5.

VL 4 H hobbing
The VL 4 H vertical gear hobbing machine from EMAG was designed to quickly and efficiently cut gears up to module 4. With this system, all gear cutting is completely automated thanks tot he machine’s pick-up automation systems providing short idle times.

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