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Focusing on mechanical engineering, GWJ Technology stands for high-quality products and professional software development for mechanical engineering to support engineers and designers in their daily work. The GWJ product range of innovative calculation software is wide - from standard software for classical machine elements with 3D CAD integration modules to the determination of whole systems up to a complex special software for 5-axis milling of gears. There are common features that all GWJ solutions share: intuitive design, sleek interface, ease of use and suitable applications for all users from beginner to very advanced. GWJ is constantly working on software enhancements and adding new features to the system in order to keep the applications up-to-date. They are also committed to providing high-quality customer services, including engineering services and workshops.

We provide the following software products:

  • eAssistant - Web-based calculation software for machine elements
  • TBK 2014 - Calculation software for gear manufacturing & mechanical engineering
  • 3D CAD plugins - Innovative connection of calculation and design of machine elements
  • SystemManager - Calculation software for complete systems of machine elements
  • TBK Manufacturing Suite - Special gear software as ideal base for manufacturing cylindrical and bevel gears in conjuction with universal multi-axis machining centers or other manufacturing methods like forging or 3D printing

eAssistant is a web-based calculation software for mechanical engineering. The software allows for professional calculation, design and optimization of machine elements including:

  • Shafts
  • Bearings
  • Gears
  • Shaft-hub connections
  • Bolted joints
  • Timing belts plus many more

eAssistant combines the advantages of standard calculation software and innovative and powerful web-based technology. eAssistant is the market leading web-based calculation software since 2003 and is used by many companies worldwide in different industries.

TBK 2014
For more than 30 years, the TBK software has been a widely accepted calculation software and is being successfully used by many engineers worldwide in the widest range of sectors. The applications range from precision engineering to heavy engineering, from low speed drives up to high speed driven turbo machines with rotational speed of 500,000 rpm and higher. One focus is the development of gears and gearboxes e.g. for locomotives, trains, construction machinery, wind turbines, extruders, water turbines, Formel 1 engine test benches, steel industry, shipping industry, medical technology or cars and helicopters. The high-quality calculations are based on generally accepted calculation methods (DIN, ISO, VDI, AGMA, ANSI, etc.).

3D CAD Plugins
eAssistant/TBK CAD plugins offer a great way to connect calculation and design. The CAD plugins are available for various CAD systems. The plugin allows you to open all eAssistant/TBK calculation modules directly through the menu of the CAD system. With a single mouse click, the part can be created as a 3D part on the basis of the previously calculated data. With one click, the design table with all manufacturing details can be placed on the manufacturing drawing. The advantage is obvious: it eliminates the tedious and error prone process of having to manually add all design table parameters to the drawing. The attractiveness of the CAD plugins is additionally enhanced by the bidirectional connection between eAssistant/TBK and the CAD system. As changes are made to a calculation, the 3D model can be updated.

SystemManager is a true software application for complete systems of machine elements. The software is a coupled FE calculation of multi-shaft systems with gears as non-linear coupling elements. It is an extension to the eAssistant and TBK. The eAssistant / TBK single calculation modules are direct linked to the SystemManager.

SystemManager runs as a desktop application, making it possible to configure and calculate entire systems with just a few mouse clicks. The application ranges from simple to complex systems, e.g. multi-stage gearboxes, shift gear transmissions or different types of planetary gear trains. SystemManager allows the import of 3D housings as STEP files. The software meshes the parts automatically to consider deformation and stiffness of the housing throughout the system. A further extension of the 3D elastic parts function is the support of planet carriers and imported shafts. Planet carriers can be imported as CAD models or be defined parametrically; various basic designs are available for the parametric planet carriers.

TBK Manufacturing Suite
The TBK Manufacturing Suite is a powerful software especially designed for calculating the real 3D geometry of gearings. This geometry provides the basis to manufacture cylindrical and bevel gears in conjunction with multi-axis machining centers. The software calculates the tooth form based on a mathematical simulation of the manufacturing process analogous to traditional manufacturing on gear cutting machines. This leads to a real 3D gear tooth geometry and thus provides a comparable strength and running behaviour identical to conventionally manufactured gears. The unique combination of our expertise coupled with our global partner network for CAM, tools, machines and metrology provides a compelling solution that offers the flexibility to manufacture gears on multi-axis CNC machining centers.