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Kapp Technologies - For over 50 years, KAPP GmbH has been one of the world's premier manufacturers of machine tools for the precision finishing of gears.2870 Wilderness Place
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: (303) 447-1130
Fax: (303) 447-1131

Web: www.kapp-niles.com

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The KAPP Group offers innovative technologies and systems for high precision hard finishing of gears and profiles.

We supply complete solutions - machines, tools and processes for your special requirements. With this integrated concept, we are able to cluster knowledge and experience, arriving at answers that could not have been achieved without complete control of the process.

Grinding machines and tools trademarked as KAPP are primarily geared towards the automobile, aerospace, manufacturing and compressor industries. The NILES products find their applications mainly in the wind energy, rail, drive technology, and mineral extraction.

The KAPP Group encompasses six locations world-wide with about 850 employees. Through continuous research and development, advanced design and manufacturing, as well as superior support, the KAPP Group offers specific solutions for its customers’ complex applications.

Achieving the increasingly high standards for precision, dependability, safety and economic efficiency of the world's leading companies is our goal.

Visit www.kapp-niles.com

Visit www.kapp-niles.com