Helios Gear Products

Helios Gear Products - Helios Gear Products from Koepfer America offers machines and tools for gear manufacturers. The company continues to exclusively represent Koepfer models 160, 200, and 300 CNC gear hobbing equipment and also legacy Koepfer models. In addition, Helios products include the latest CNC machines for gear hobbing, shaping, grinding, milling, inspection, deburring, chamfering, and automation. The Helios brand also represents gear cutting tools and tools for hard finishing.635 Schneider Drive
South Elgin, IL 60177
Phone: (847) 931-4121

Web: heliosgearproducts.com

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Helios Gear Products equips manufacturers to make more profitable gears.

As the North American factory sales and technical support organization for several overseas factories, Helios gives manufacturers access to globally competitive machines and consumable tools. These solutions include CNC machine tools for hobbing, shaping, worm and thread milling, deburring, inspection, and gear tool sharpening. Manufacturers also use Helios’s high-quality, quick-delivery consumable tools for gear cutting (hobs, shaper cutters, milling cutters, broaches, and power skiving cutters) and gear grinding (form and generating grinding wheels, honing rings, and bevel grinding cup wheels). In a world where both domestic and foreign competition drive industry trends, Helios ensures manufacturers have low-cost, high-tech solutions that enable profitable gearing.

Additionally, Helios supports manufacturers with a dedicated technical team for application engineering support, gear tool resharpening and recoating, and contract inspection.

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