Luren Precision Chicago

Luren Precision Chicago  - Luren Precision Chicago Co., Ltd. is a branch sales office of Luren Precision Co., Ltd., Taiwan. The main products include hob cutters, shaving cutters, CNC Profile Gear Grinding Machines (Horizontal or Vertical), CNC Hob Sharpening Machine, CNC Worm & Thread Grinding Machine, Spinning Pumps/ Oil Finish Pumps for man-made fiber production, and Driven Tool Holders for CNC turning centers. Please visit for more information.707 Remington Rd.
Suite 1
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone: (847) 882-1388
Fax: (847) 882-1933
Contact: Gerald Kuo, General Manager


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Luren Precision is a premier CNC gear grinding machine and gear cutting tool manufacturer based in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Established in 1994, Luren’s key members come from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and have had profound hand-on experiences with high technology and high precision machinery in order to produce aviation gears, components and cutting tools. Through many years of production improvements and technological advancements, Luren has developed a strong R&D team which has allowed us to provide R&D solutions to all of our customers through our business units of gear cutting tools, gear grinding machines, spinning pumps and driven tool holders.

Today, with the development of our machines, our long partnerships and our experience in the gear industry, Luren has been able to develop sophisticated gear cutting software that is compatible with all of our machines. Our comprehensive gear cutting solutions has advanced Taiwan’s gear industry like no other. Luren remains an intricate part of the success of Taiwan’s gear manufacturing industry.