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Marposs Corporation - Marposs is a global leader in measurement technology featuring a wide range of products and innovative solutions. Marposs' comprehensive line of manual systems and machines for functional gear verification includes the M62 OBD Shaft (Over Ball Diameter) retoolable manual bench measuring system for checking gear shafts, and the M62 DF (Double Flank) measuring system, which is designed for dynamic inspection of ring gears with automatic part rotation.3300 Cross Creek Parkway
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Phone: (248) 370-0404
Fax: (248) 370-0991


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Marposs Corporation is part of Marposs S.p.A., headquartered in Bentivoglio, Italy and a world leader in measurement technology focused on improving quality and productivity while reducing manufacturing costs. Products include individual gauging components; in-process gauges and compensation systems for grinders and other machine tools; automatic measurement and inspection systems; hardware and software for data collection; tool, machine and process monitoring and control systems; and equipment for non-destructive testing. Markets served include automotive, aerospace, energy, biomedical, hi-tech, glass and general manufacturing.