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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America - Our family of gear cutting machines shares a name and a whole lot more. Mitsubishi gear hobbers, shapers, shavers and grinders also share Mitsubishi machine construction and Mitsubishi software and have common controls. That is why only Mitsubishi gear machines--the most complete family of gear machines--can deliver the fastest CNC learning curves and the highest quality gears.Machine Tool Division
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The Mitsubishi Gear Technology Center was established in 1998 to promote Mitsubishi gear-manufacturing equipment. We offer a complete line of gear manufacturing machines including gear hobbing, gear shaping, gear shaving, gear rolling, gear honing, and gear grinding machines.

Machines. From new machines that benefit our customers financially by reducing waste and energy consumption to machines that ease environmental impact by operating coolant-free, we're delivering truly innovative solutions at every turn. With gear hobbing, shaping, shaving and grinding machines to suit your unique needs, we will help you find your new gear.