Precision Gage Co., Inc.

Precision Gage Co., Inc. - Precision Gage Co., Inc. is the manufacturer and supplier of the VARI-ROLL and GearMaster Dual Flank Composite Gear Tester.100 Shore Drive
Burr Ridge, IL 60527
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Established in Chicago in 1948, Precision Gage Co., Inc. has continuously provided the gear inspection industry with exceptionally accurate, high quality gaging equipment.

Since 1952 the VARI-ROLL Gear Tester has actively been used by gear manufacturers and end users in industries such as aerospace, automotive aftermarket, home appliance, government, computer and power tool companies, both nationally and internationally. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected by our superior standards and “can do” approach to customer service.

Precision Gage Co., Inc. has developed the VARI-ROLL with a “building block” approach to gear inspection. This provides exceptional flexibility in satisfying our customers’ individual requirements. System procurement can be economically tailored to fixtures needed for specific types and sizes of gears. The VARI-ROLL has proven that fine pitch gears and many coarse pitch gears can be composite tested both accurately and cost effectively.

Precision Gage Co., Inc. provides a complete line of inspection and quality control equipment. Gaging products we provide are listed below:

•VARI-ROLL Composite Gear Tester
•Gearmaster Composite Gear Tester
•Special Design and/or Build Fixtures
•Electronic Gaging Systems
•Thread Gages
•Indicating Thread Gages
•Cylindrical Gages/Plug & Ring
•Precision Hand Tools
•Dial & Test Indicators
•Dial Gages
•Calibration Equipment
•Height Gages
•Gage Blocks and Accessories
•Surface Plates/Layout Equipment
•Optical Comparators
•Surface Finish/Texture Instruments