Presrite Corporation

Presrite Corporation - Presrite manufactures net and near-net forgings for a wide range of industries in countries around the world. Its parts are used in the transmissions, engines and undercarriages of track-type tractors, excavators, wheel loaders and other off-highway vehicles. Presrite institutes an internal program designed to increase performance and quality levels while better controlling costs. Called ?6 SIGMA,? the program involves setting goals, collecting data, and then measuring and analyzing the results.3665 E. 78th Street
Cleveland, OH 44105
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Presrite. The Leading Force in Forging Technology.
Our three modern forge plants meet international quality system standards. Our 4th plant is our Tech Division that houses the latest design, engineering technologies and die making capabilities. We also have a sophisticated metallurgical laboratory and forging presses from 1,300 to 6,000 tons of capacity.

Presrite's Bessemer Division is a dedicated facility for forging and machining net and near-net gears. The gears we typically produce range from .008-.060 stock allowance on the gear flanks.

Near-net gears don't have to cost you extra time and money. Parts that were previously made by hobbing are now being economically forged to net and near-net shapes.

Here are some ways you can benefit from our facility:

  • Improved utilization of raw materials
  • Elimination of rough hobbing
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Longer tool life
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Elimination of normalizing in many cases
  • Higher quality finished parts

For more information, call 216-441-5990 or email for more information or a quote.