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Star Cutter Co. - Headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI, StarCut Sales, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Star Cutter Company and is a partner in the Star SU LLC enterprise for marketing, sales, and service.  Through Star SU and StarCut Sales, Inc.'s international organization Star Cutter Company markets and services its products in North America, South America, Europe and the Far East.23461 Industrial Park Drive
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
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Star-SU, our vision is our promise

Star SU Inc. provides the latest in gear and rotor manufacturing technology in North America and Mexico in order to support the goals of customers and to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Star SU is a joint venture of SU America Inc. and Star Cutter Company Inc. to provide a single, competitive and efficient support source for gear manufacturing technology including machine tools, precision cutting tools, and support services. Our service centers are located in strategic areas throughout North America for the recoating and resharpening of your gear tools.

Since August 2002 Star SU has been supplying customers Fellows gear shaper cutters - now manufactured by Star SU, as the owner of the Fellows cutter division. Star SU offers an unique computer design capability by integrating Fellows' rich cutter design experience into modern computer systems. The system provides both customer and manufacturing data from a single input source reducing potential errors. We manufacture gear shaper cutters in Michigan-USA, Italy, France, and South America to better serve the market place.

Star SU has partnered with Bourn & Koch, owner of the Fellows machine division, to provide complete gear shaping application solutions worldwide.

Star Cutter Company is a privately held corporation and is headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI with multiple manufacturing units throughout MI. The Star brands of tool grinding machines, round tools, carbides and coatings groups are now also available through the sales and service network of Star SU LLC.

SU America is a unit of Samputensili S.p.A. of Bologna, Italy and a part of the multi-national Maccaferri Industrial Group of companies. Samputensili produces machines, tools and services for the gear manufacturing industry. Manufacturing facilities are located in Italy, France, Brazil, Korea, Japan and the United States.

Gear cutting tools
• HSS and carbide hobs
• Milling cutters
• Rack cutters
• Saw cutters
• Shaper cutters
• Shaving cutters
• Master gears
• Chamfering and deburring tools
• Chamfer-roller tools
• Deburring and rolling tools for sprocket gears
Express delivery programs

Round Tools
Star SU provides the complete line of Star round tools including:
• Pressure coolant reamers
• Gundrills
• Carbide tungsten preforms

Design services
Star SU offers design and layout services for a wide range of gear cutting tools and round tools.

Sharpening services
Our service centers in Michigan, Illinois, and Mexico provide you with what you really need: fast turnaround of high-precision sharpenings of cutting tools. In some areas pickup and delivery services are available.

Coating services
We coat, strip and recoat the following applications:
• HSS and carbide tools
• molds and dies
• special tools
• machined parts and other applications

Our Oerlikon Balzers coatings will improve abrasion, corrosion resistance and can increase life up to 5-10 times in certain applications. Star SU offers a comprehensive range of wear coatings for any cutting tool application.

Total Tool Life Cycle Management
Star SU is an experienced partner of medium and large companies and supplies a complete product cycle management service for gear cutting tools and other gear-related services.

Machine tools
• Hobbing machines from 15 mm up to 2500 mm in diameter
• Shaping machines
• Profile grinding machines for internal and external gears.
• Generating grinding machines
• Shave grinding machines
• Rotor and worm grinding machines
• Honing machines
• Chamfering/deburring machines
• Shaving cutter grinding/sharpening machines
• Tool grinding/sharpening machines for high precision cutting tools
• Tool grinding/sharpening machines for universal applications
• Tool grinding/sharpening machines for carbide tools

Job shopping/grinding
• Compressor rotors
• Rotors for hydraulic pumps
• Gears of special design
• Worms and cams

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