Knuth Machine Tools USA, Inc.

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Lincolnshire, IL 60069
Phone: (847) 415-3333
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KNUTH Machine Tools USA, Inc. - Our recipe for success is no secret and is built on the vision of founder Gerhard Knuth in the early 1920s. To be successful he knew the importance of building long lasting business relationships. The cornerstones he envisioned were experience, innovation, quality and personal contact to achieve customer satisfaction. Although the world has changed, our business philosophy remains the same and has made KNUTH Machine Tools what it is today, an international leader for machine tools. With over 24 sales, service and manufacturing facilities internationally, KNUTH has developed a corporate portfolio of more 120,000 satisfied customers with more than 500,000 machine tools delivered. Today the KNUTH brand is characterized by: Innovation – Commitment to excellence Expertise – Over 85 years in the business Competitive pricing – Achieved through cost-efficiency and global sourcing Quality by Global KNUTH Quality inspectors Global presence – Working together on location to achieve success Our North American headquarters, located near Chicago, Illinois, continues this tradition of success. The Chicago branch has a 65,000 square foot facility that houses over 2,000 machines from 12 product categories. With these characteristics and resources, KNUTH Machine Tools USA is able to provide a complete machine tools solution for all its customer’s machine tool requirements. Call 847-415-3333 to receive our FREE 250 page color catalog featuring all of our products, complete with pricing. You may also visit to request a catalog. KNUTH Machine Tools USA, Inc. (a division of Knuth Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, Germany) manufactures and distributes a wide variety of CNC and conventional machine tools. Based in Chicago, and with millions of dollars of inventory, KNUTH can provide the sales, service and support you need. Call to receive our FREE 250 page color catalog featuring all of our products, complete with pricing.