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Machine Tool Builders - MTB recontrols existing CNC machines and rebuilds manual change gear machines, such as gear shapers, hobbers, and grinders into precision machines by converting mechanical components to motorized servos with multiple axes and spindles using CNC controls.   Specializing in Fellows, Fromag-Rapida, Hoglund, Kapp, Liebherr, Lorenz, Module, Pfauter, and Red Ring brands. 7723 Burden Road
Machesney Park, IL 61115
Phone: (815) 636-7502
Fax: (815) 636-5912
Contact: KC Warren, Sales and Marketing Manager


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MTB, Machine Tool Builders, is a meticulous and quality conscious gear cutting and grinding remanufacturer. Specializing in shaping, hobbing, and grinding applications, MTB looks at revitalizing gear machinery as an art form, not unlike restoring a classic car to its original glory. MTB offers two machine rebuild options: Rebuilt to OEM Specifications or Advanced Rebuild (Remanufactured). With an Advanced Rebuild, your machine is upgraded with the most current features and state-of-the art technology, making it better than before. If the mechanical portion of your machine is stable, than Recontrolling is an excellent option. MTB’s outline of offerings is not limited to these key areas:

Rebuilding/Remanufacturing: Spindle Rebuilding Ballscrew/Leadscrew replacement, Way Repairs, Full or Partial Rebuilds, Geometric Alignment Verifications, Worktable Rebuilding, Hob/Shaping Head Rebuilding. (Download PDF)

Recontrolling: Replacement of entire control system and electrical cabinet, along with a large mechanical assembly is totally replaced with a newer, more modern version. (Download PDF)

Service: Field service to repair or retrofit mechanical or electrical concerns. (Download PDF)

Engineering Services: Software, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Tooling: Workholding, Arbors and Tool Holders. (Download PDF)

Panel Building: Kits, Rewiring machines and cabinets

New Equipment: Design and Manufacture Prototypes for research or mass production, Offset OEM production

Some Machine Brands: Scheiss, Red Ring, Pfauter, Modul, Mitsubishi, Lorenz, Liebherr, Hurth, Gleason, Fellows, Barber Colman.

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