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Swiss Made Precision Gear Grinding RZ160-009818_offen_mS

For over 60 years, Reishauer stands synonymous for generating gear grinding, arguably the most efficient method of hard-finishing gears. As all core components are developed and manufactured in-house in Switzerland, Reishauer can do justice to even the highest quality, reliability and productivity demands of today’s gear industry. This strategy, combined with our consistent focus on hard finishing processes, ensures our technological lead, today and tomorrow.

Our grinding machines are at the centre of the Reishauer Gear Grinding Technology, which we also call our Circle of Competence. Our machines offer the highest productivity and process stability in mass production and, at the same time, maximum flexibility for medium to small batches. Reishauer precision tooling such as workholding, grinding and dressing tools, our in-house designed and manufactured automation, and our world-wide customer service perfectly complement our Circle of Competence.

It is our declared goal that Reishauer machines and tooling contribute to our customer’s success: to cost-effectively produce gearboxes that reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emission and noise levels, and simultaneously enhance the driving experience.