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Excel Gear - EXCEL-LENT gear design software can optimize rack and pinion, spur, helical, internal, external, and circular pitch gears in English or metric units. Our gear/gear box design software quickly determines product parameters for various applications saving HUNDREDS of engineering hours.11865 Main Street
Roscoe, IL 61073
Phone: (815) 623-3414
Fax: (815) 623-3314
Contact: NK Chinnusamy (Chinn), President

Web: www.excelgear.com

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Excel Gear brings over 50 years of machine experience to the design, manufacturing and quality analysis of its various gear, gearbox, fluid bearing, spindle, CNC gimbal head, nutator and special equipment production.

ANSYS software for FEA on stress, strain, deflection, as well as modal analysis, time and frequency domain, our Spindle Analysis Program, MATLAB/Simulink, AutoCAD/SolidWorks/CADAM and other programs are all utilized to effect the best solutions to customer requirements.

Excel also builds two-axis CNC gimbal heads with 20,000RPM motorized spindle, 15,000RPM cartridge type spindle assemblies and CNC rotary tables for major machine tool companies. Our high-accuracy gear grinding equipment produces to AGMA 15 (DIN 2) tolerances for quality that meets or exceeds the increasing customer demands for high-speed and high power transmission with smooth, quiet operation.

Recently, the company has entered the emerging wind turbine market to provide various gears and gearbox components. Excel has developed the unique EXCEL-LENT gear/gearbox software, which saves hundreds of hours of math and physics calculation time for gear/gearbox designers and system integrators alike. Ask for a demo today!

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