Willman Industries Inc.

Willman Industries Inc. - Grey and Ductile iron foundry making castings from several pounds to 40,000 pounds.  ISO, ABS, DNV certified as well as a licensed Meehanite foundry.  Willman also pours ADI, Hi Silicon Moly and Solution Strengthened Ductile Irons.  Electric melt with both green sand and No-Bake sand operations.338 South Main Street
Cedar Grove , WI 53013
United States
Phone: (920) 668-8526
Fax: (920) 668-8998

Web: www.willmanind.com

Over the years, Willman Industries Inc. has continued to invest in expansion, better equipment and physical resources in an effort to expand capabilities, increase productivity and to meet the unique needs of our customers.

We offer in-house heat treatment for stress relieve and anneal for smaller castings, as well as contract heat treating for any size castings.

We work with an ever-increasing, wide range of outside machine shops to meet every machining requirement. We can provide machined castings as a tier-one supplier to end-users.

We also utilize outside painting companies to meet your paint requirements.

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