R & P Metrology GmbH

Am Roten Mäuerle 41
75181 Pforzheim
Phone: +(49) 7231 15404 - 0
Fax: +(49) 7231 15404 - 20

Web: www.rp-metrology.de

R&P Metrology designs and builds gear metrology equipment, concentrating on medium and large parallel axis gears, bevel gears, tools, shafts, bearing rings and 3D parts. The range starts at approximately 1.0 meter in size. Extended capacity requirements for large applications, and customizing are the specialty of R&P Metrology. R&P also offers hybrid systems that uniquely combine gear measurement with conventional CMM metrology as well as customized solutions for horizontal shaft (crankshaft) applications. All R&P machines utilize proven CNC control and analysis software and granite guideways with air bearing slides, a benchmark for the industry. State-of-the-art linear motors drive technologies are employed for accuracy and long life. For support, service and sales for North America, please contact Mr. Dwight Smith, Sales Manager at KAPP Technologies at 734-516-1365.