ECM USA - ECM Technologies started manufacturing heat-treatment furnaces in 1928. Since that time, ECM personnel have always been completely committed to extending their knowledge in the field of temperature control, high pressures, vacuum and the behavior of materials. This expertise, on an industrial scale, has always been enriched by our close partnership with furnace users, engineers, heat treat engineers and developers. Today, our knowledge base is at the core of all our customers' production lines. It is this concern for caring and listening, combined with our passion for our profession, which has forged ECM Technology and ECM USA's recognized spirit of innovation. 9505 72nd Ave. Suite 400
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
Phone: (262) 605-4810
Contact: Dennis Beauchesne, General Manager


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As a division of the ECM Group headquartered in Grenoble France, ECM USA provides high quality vacuum furnaces, service, aftersales, and R&D testing for customers in North, Central and South America. With experienced engineering, advanced manufacturing and installation expertise, ECM vacuum furnaces provide high up-time to demanding heat treatment production environments all over the world. Our diverse product lines include vacuum furnace systems, bench-top and stand-alone R&D lab furnaces, and advanced automation & robotics for all heat treat industries, including (but not limited to): aerospace, automotive, e-mobility, vacuum arc melting, 3D additive, photovoltaic, semiconductors, and crystal growth.

  • Brazing, Sintering, Carburizing & Carbonitriding
  • LPC for automotive transmissions (ICE and EV)
  • Vapor Phase Aluminization/Aluminizing (VPA/VPC/FIC)
  • Vacuum Induction Melting. Vacuum Arc Remelting (VIM/VAR) & Tempering
  • Vacuum Purged Gas Nitriding (VPGN) & Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (VP-FNC)
  • Deposition, Photovoltaic & Crystal Growth
  • Rapid Thermal Processing & Annealing
  • Advanced Automation & Heat Treat Robotics
  • Service, Aftersales & Retrofits

Specific to the gear industry, low pressure vacuum carburizing in an ECM vacuum furnace system has helped many manufacturers provide stronger, less distorted gears for complete end user products. The highly repeatable processes assure through-put rates and consistent heat treat quality. We welcome and encourage potential customers to visit our R&D Synergy Center in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, to discuss and/or develop your gear or shaft recipe(s) and maximize the potential of your heat treat process!

Figure 1: Modular ECM Flex Vacuum Furnace System
Figure 2: Compact ECM Nano Vacuum Furnace System
Figure 3: ECM Advanced Automation & Robotics