Akron Steel Treating Company

336 Morgan Avenue
Akron, OH 44311
Phone: (330) 773-8211
Fax: (330) 773-8213
Contact: Matt Moldvay, Sales Consultant

Web: www.akronsteeltreating.com

Akron Steel Treating is a full service heat treating provider and experienced metallurgical consulting resource. We provide the right heat treatment, whether in controlled atmosphere, molten salt bath or vacuum furnaces; with water, oil, molten salt or gas quench. We can help your engineering team with issues of material selection, part design and the myriad of other part manufacturing details that interrelate to our heat treating processes. That breadth of our collective experience is our "Consultative Sale." AST offers consultation before, during and after the sale; it is one of AST's unique, value-added tools our team at Akron Steel Treating has to help our customers compete in today's highly competitive world.