BGH Specialty Steel Inc.

3047 North Lincoln Avenue
Suite # 400
Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: +1 773 472 7674
Fax: +1 773 404 5837
Contact: Jochen Bachmann, COO


BGH Specialty Steel, a 100% subsidiary of BGH Edelstahlwerke GmbH in Germany with 6 production sites in Germany and Poland. Our fully integrated production process from melting to the final product guarantees high quality specialty steel.Our products range from all unalloyed, low and high alloyed steel types (e.g. 18Cr, 8620, 4320, 4130, 4140.. ), special grades and Nickel based alloys from fine wire through forged bars up to 950 mm (~ 37.5) and open-die forgings. Customized logistic solutions are available to serve your business from several European and domestic stocking Locations. => Excellence in Specialty Steel <=