KAPP NILES - The KAPP Group offers innovative technologies and systems for high precision hard finishing of gears and profiles. Beginning in 1926 with the development of NILES generating grinding technology for manufacturing high precision gears, NILES quickly became one of the world's leading manufacturers of gear grinding machines. Callenberger Strasse 52
Coburg 96450
Phone: +(49) 9561-866-0
Fax: +(49) 9561-866-1003

Web: www.kapp-niles.com

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KAPP NILES is a global market leader in manufacturing machines and tools for finishing gears and profiles. Technologies from KAPP NILES guarantee both precision and cost-effectiveness when manufacturing sophisticated components. In this way, KAPP NILES sets their customers in precise motion — on the land, in the water and in the air.

Callenberger Strasse 52
96450 Coburg
Phone: +49 9561 866-0
Fax: +49 9561 866-1003
E-Mail: info@kapp-niles.com
Internet: www.kapp-niles.com

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