Dillon Chuck Jaws

Dillon Chuck Jaws - Dillon manufactures a full line of standard and special jaws to fit virtually any chuck.  Their knowledgeable engineers can assist with any workholding requirement.2115 Progress Drive
Springfield, OH 45505
Phone: (800) 428-1133
Fax: (800) 634-6480
Contact: Joe Shoulvin, President

Web: www.dillonmfg.com

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Dillon Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures a line of standard and custom workholding solutions including chuck jaws, chucks, vises jaws, soft jaws, hard jaws, collet pad jaw systems, chuck lubrication, and more. Dillon top jaws are made out of 1018 steel or 6061 aluminum, plus other steel grades such as 4140, 8620, or A2 are available. Dillon Jaws produce custom top jaws to customer specifications, providing approval prints and specifications for each order. Manufactured from 4140 heat treated steel, our jaw nuts and keys provide superior wear and impact resistance and extended usage. Dillon full grip jaws provide parts contact producing an effective grip without parts distortion. Full grip jaws are made out 356 cast aluminum up to 24" ∅, full grips are also available up to 15" ∅ using either cast iron or 1018 steel. Dillon hard jaws are made from 8620 steel, the jaws are case hardened, surfaces ground, and the jaws are coated with a black oxide compound for corrosion resistance.

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