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Liebherr America

Liebherr America  - Liebherr Gear Technology Co. is your North American access point to a  broad range of technically advanced gear manufacturing technologies and processes.1465 Woodland Dr.
Saline, MI 48176
Phone: (734) 429-7225
Fax: (734) 429-2294


Web: www.liebherr.com

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Request for Quotation

Please print, fill in and fax back to:

Liebherr Gear Technology Co., Saline, MI.

Fax: 734.429.2294.

Today’s Date: _______________________________

Quotation required by (date): __________________

Company ___________________________________
Address ____________________________________
City _______________________________________
State Zip ___________________________________
Contact ____________________________________
Title _______________________________________
E-mail _____________________________________
Telephone __________________________________
Fax _______________________________________


Check for a representative of Liebherr Gear Technology to contact you

Process: Hobbing Shaping Shaving Grinding Other
Automation: Manual Load Auto Load

Maximum Pitch: ________ or Module:________
Maximum Outside Diameter: _______________
Maximum Face Width: ____________________

Please note any special requirements or tolerances:


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