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All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
All Metals & Forge produces rings, flanges, gear blanks, single and double hubs, trunnions, bevel gear blanks, couplings, seamless rolled rings, rims, center hubs, sleeves, gear blanks, discs (pancake forgings), pinion shafts, step-downs, spindles, rack forgings in gear quality carbon and alloy steels with through-hardening, carburizing and bearing quality grades with forged-in steps to save on machining. Shafts are available up to 45-feet-long and 50,000 pounds and the company can produce part weights from under 100 pounds to more than 30 tons for the gear industry. Read more Or visit www.steelforge.com

Additional Suppliers of Other Gear Materials

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ArcVac ForgeCast Ltd.
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Intech Corporation
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Masternet Ltd.
Midwest Themal-Vac Inc.
Mosey Manufacturing Co. Inc.
National Bronze & Metals, Inc.
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Penticton Foundry Ltd.
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Sedlock Companies
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