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The Other Side of the World

Gear Manufacturers Find Advantage in Indian and Asian Partners
We interviewed several gear industry companies with overseas operations or significant partners.

Gear Manufacturing in the Far East
This article gives readers a glimpse of some companies that manufacture gears in the Far East. We've talked with more than a dozen companies in India, Taiwan and Korea...

Technical Articles

Kinematical Simulation of Face Hobbing Indexing and Tooth Surface Generation of Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gears
In addition to the face milling system, the face hobbing process has been developed and widely employed by the gear industry. However, the mechanism of the face hobbing process is not well known.

Assembling Spiral Gears: Double Taper Can Be Double Trouble
Bevel gear systems are particularly sensitive to improper assembly. Slight errors in gear positioning can turn a well-designed, quality manufactured gear set into a noisy, prone-to-failure weak link in your application.

Investigation of the Noise and Vibration of Planetary Gear Drives
With the aim of reducing the operating noise and vibration of planetary gear sets used in automatic transmissions, a meshing phase difference was applied to the planet gears that mesh with the sun and ring gears.


Keep Those Letters Coming (Publishers Page)
In the past, we have often asked readers to let us know what they were thinking. But this past issue, we must have struck a nerve.

Is Gear Expo Worth It (Voices)
Readers respond to last issue's Publisher's Page, in which Michael Goldstein asked, "Is Gear Expo Worth It?"

Finish Hobbing Crowned Helical Gears without Twist (Product News)
New tool from LMT-Fette provides combination of operations.

Product News (Product News)

Technical Calendar (Events)

Industry News (Industry News)

Wicked Gears (Addendum)
It's not often that thespians and engineers find common ground, but the hit musical Wicked could provide conversational tidbits for right- and left-brainers alike.