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Feature Articles

AGMA Standards Committees Keep the Industry “In Gear” for 2021
A comprehensive look at latest standards development efforts.

That Industry 4.0 Digital Factory Thing — Part 3
Welcome to the third installment of an article which is presented as a guide for navigating the topic of the Industry 4.0 Digital Factory.

Gear Factory of the Future
What does the future hold for the global gear industry?

2021 State of the Gear Industry
Reader Survey Results. Gear Technology's annual State-of-the-Gear-Industry survey polls gear manufacturers about the latest trends and opinions relating to the overall health of the gear industry. As in years past, the survey was conducted anonymously, with invitations sent by e-mail to gear industry companies – primarily in North America, but also including some respondents from around the world.

Technical Articles

NVH Analysis and Simulation of Automotive E-Axles
Addressing a methodology for NVH analysis and simulation of an automotive E-axle.


Mixed Bag (Publishers Page)
Review of the “State Randy Stott of the Gear industry” survey and looking towards the future.

AGMA is Here for You (Voices)
The annual Gear Technology State of the Gear Industry Report is always a must read for any industry leader.

Product News (Product News)
Gear-related new technology from Helios, Chiron, C-B Gear & Machine, Marposs, Dillon Manufacturing, Schunk, Forest City Gear and more.

The Hunting Tooth and its Effect on Break-In (Ask the Expert)
Has there ever been any experimental verification of the benefits of designing a gear pair to have a “hunting tooth” or is it just theoretical?

Industry News (Industry News)
The latest news from Klingelnberg, Tyrolit, Solar Atmospheres, Bodycote, Universal Robots, VELO3D, and FANUC

George Stephenson, “The Father of Railways” (Addendum)
While high-speed rail development continues around the world, let’s take a minute to consider the achievements of George Stephenson — “the father of railways” and inventor of the first commercial locomotive and other significant achievements.