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Growing Markets for Gear Manufacturers

Blue Skies for Aerospace Parts Manufacturing
Aerospace manufacturing has seen quite a turnaround in the past few years. The world's manufacturers of airplanes, helicopters, missiles, space vehicles and satellites are all extremely busy right now--and that's keeping quite a few gear manufacturers busy as well.

Medical Device Manufacturing Keeps Gear Industry Healthy
When Forest City Gear started manufacturing gears for medical components in the 1980s, it was a minuscule part of the company's business. Today, the medical device industry represents 18-20%.

Wind Energy: An Established Industry with Emerging Opportunities
"An industrial business with a very important growth potential for the next decade." That's the wind energy as described by Ivan Brems of gear manufacturer Hansen Transmissions International.

Technical Articles

Proposal for Tip Relief Modification to Reduce Noise and Sensitivity to Meshing Conditions in Spur Gears
In this article, a new tip relief profile modification for spur gears is presented. The topography proposed here is a classical linear profile modification with a parabolic fillet.

Detailed Computer Model of Gearbox Reduces Design Time
LMS International helped a Fiat subsidiary develop a new, dynamic vibro-acoustic prediction method to reduce design time and engineering costs through accurate prediction of gear noise in the design phase.

What's the Right Tolerance
Charles Schultz of Brad Foote Gear Works discusses some of the finer points of engineering tolerances--and muscle cars.


The Premise and the Promise (Publishers Page)
Gear Technology was founded 22 years ago on a very simple principle: to provide the best possible educational articles and information for the gear industry.

Letters: Readers Respond (Voices)
The following letters were written in response to the Publisher's Page editorial, "Is Gear Expo Worth It?" which appeared in the November/December 2005 issue.

Shorter Cycle Times for Carburizing (Product News)
Dana Corp. is developing a process that carburizes a straight bevel gear to a carbon content of 0.8% in 60 fewer minutes than atmosphere carburizing did with an identical straight bevel.

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What's on Your iPod (Addendum)
Songs with gear-related lyrics, courtesy of the Addendum team.