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Feature Articles

Plastic Gears--A Growing Industry Still Seeking Respect
Forty years ago, the plastics industry was practically in its embryonic phase...

Technical Articles

Transmission Error and Noise Emission of Spur Gears
Transmission error (TE) is recognized as one of the most important causes of gear acoustic emissions...

Effects on Rolling Contact Fatigue Performance--Part II
This is part II of a two-part paper that presents the results of extensive test programs on the RCF strength of PM steels.

Asymmetric Teeth: Bending Stress Calculation
This article includes a brief summary of the characteristics of involute asymmetric teeth and the problems connected with the related bending tests.

Forest City Puts Teeth in Competitive Strategy with Sunnen's Bore Honing Machine
Forest City Gear president Fred Young has a straightforward strategy for acquiring and retaining business...


Moving Into High Gear (Publishers Page)
In February (2007), we launched a new magazine, Power Transmission Engineering (PTE). While most of you have probably already seen it...

Plastic Gear Standards: A Balancing Act (Voices)
Creating standards for plastic gears calls for a deft touch. The challenge is to set uniform guidelines, yet avoid limiting the creative solutions plastic offers gear designers.

Bowling for Gears (Addendum)
Here's what Dennis was thinking...