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Feature Articles

Tinkering with Carbide
Everybody's working with carbide tools these days, but carbide materials are expensive. However, these cutting tool companies think they might have some solutions to extend tool life and reduce costs.

Real-Time Measurement Opportunities
Shop floor inspection and gaging equipment is putting advanced metrology systems right on the factory floor. Here’s a collection of articles on shop floor inspection and gages from companies like Gleason, Mahr, Comtorgage, United Tool Supply and Frenco.

Documentation: A Challenge in Making Aerospace Gears
For years, Reliance Gear Corp. has manufactured gears for the aerospace industry. Located in Elmhurst, IL, Reliance has served as a Tier 2 or Tier 3 supplier. (Tier 1 suppliers work directly with the aerospace primes, the Boeings and Embraers of the world.) Like many gear shops, Reliance is certified under quality management standard ISO 9001. And its aerospace customers were satisfied with that certification. Until two years ago.

Analyzing Bevel Gear Damage Prediction Over Operating Life
FVA software offers simulation and calculation of transmission systems.

Technical Articles

Calculated Scuffing Risk: Correlating AGMA 925-A03, AGMA 6011-J14 and Original MAAG Gear Predictions
This paper relates specifically to gears that are finish ground and considered high speed per ANSI/AGMA 6011; meshing elements with PLVs (pitch line velocities) in excess of 35 m/s or rotational speeds greater than 4,500 rpm.


Keeping Things Moving (Publishers Page)
Over the past month, everything about our world has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought most aspects of our lives to a grinding halt. We can’t go out to eat. We can’t travel. We can’t even go to church. A lot of businesses are struggling. But at the same time, there are a lot of people who are busier than ever. In some cases, frighteningly so.

Developing Certainty in Uncertain Times (Voices)
AGMA President Matt Croson explains how the association is here for members and the gear industry at large, providing information, resources, education and training -- even during the crisis.

Product News (Product News)
Gleason skiving machines equipped with on-board cutter sharpening; Helios celebrates anniversary of cutter sharpener line; and more product news.

Shaft Positioning Tolerances for Bevel Gears (Ask the Expert)
We know that for cylindrical gears we have the standard DIN 3964 for defining deviations of shaft center distance and shaft position tolerances of casings. And for bevel gears? Is there some specific standard for defining deviations of center distance and shaft position tolerances of casings (orthogonal shafts), as DIN 3964 do?

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the March/April issue of Gear Technology.

Using Gears to Pour a Beer (Addendum)
"Fascinating, fun, and functional." That’s how Clayton Boyer describes the gears in the Brew Tipper, his wooden mechanism that pours a bottle of beer into a glass. He adds: "I love creating geared mechanisms and gadgets."