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Tooth Forms for Hobs
The gear hobbing process is a generating type of production operation. For this reason, the form of the hob tooth is always different from the form of the tooth that it produces.

Hard Gear Processing with Skiving Hobs
As we approach the problem of hard gear processing, it is well to take a look at the reason for discussing it at this time. In our present economic atmosphere throughout the world, more and more emphasis is being placed upon efficiency which is dictated by higher energy costs.

Austempered Nodular Cast Irons
Austempering heat treatments (austenitizing followed by rapid cooling to the tempering temperature) have been applied to nodular irons on an experimental basis for a number of years, but commercial interest in the process has only recently come to the surface.

Involute Spline Size Inspection
This article describes a new technique for the size determination of external Involute splines by using a span measuring method. It provides application performance information demonstrating how this method and its measurements correlate with the traditional spline ring gage sizing method.

Tolerance for Overload Stress
The performance of carburized components can be improved simply by changing the alloy content of the steel.

Gear Grinding Techniques Parallel Axes Gears
The fundamental purpose of gear grinding is to consistently and economically produce "hard" or "soft" gear tooth elements within the accuracy required by the gear functions. These gear elements include tooth profile, tooth spacing, lead or parallelism, axial profile, pitch line runout, surface finish, root fillet profile, and other gear geometry which contribute to the performance of a gear train.


Being Fair is a Matter of Perspective (Publishers Page)
I recently attended a briefing, arranged by the White House, regarding the Treasury's tax simplification plan. A Treasury Undersecretary explained that their goal was to come up with a tax code that was "fair" to everyone.

Viewpoint (Voices)
The cost of teaching salesmen the ins and outs of gearing has proven to be expensive. Your journal is Just what we have been looking for. We found your article on lubrication analysis on gearing very interesting. More on the basics and more on lubrication would be appreciated.

Technical Calendar and Industry News (Events)
Events from SME and AGMA, along with news from the gear industry.