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High Performance Gears

Constant Innovation Keeps Suppliers to Race Car Manufacturers Earning Trophies
When the fans start screaming at the Daytona 500, they're cheering for Jeff Gordon. Only the die-hard racing fan can appreciate the gearing and engineering that goes into each race car.

Marine Gears: Special Aspects for High Performance
A gearbox that absorbs 30 percent of external forces, transmits power from two engines operating at different speeds, and uses gears that meet several design and specification standards at the same time...

Technical Articles

Influence of Surface Roughness on Gear Pitting Behavior
In earlier studies, surface roughness has been shown to have a significant influence on gear pitting life. This paper discusses how high surface roughness introduces a wear mechanism that delays the formation of pits. Accompanied by a full-page technical review.

Tool Life and Productivity Improvement Through Cutting Parameter Setting and Tool Design in Dry High-Speed Bevel Gear Tooth Cutting
This article presents some of the findings of cutting investigations at WZL in which the correlation of cutting parameters, cutting materials, tool geometry and tool life have been determined.


A Wellspring of Opinion (Publishers Page)
For more than 22 years, I've been dropping rocks down the well of the gear industry's public opinion. Most every issue, I drop another rock. Sometimes I think I hear a faint splash, but most times I just wait.

Gleason's Genesis 130SV Gear Shaving Machine (Product News)
The 130SV shaving machine from Gleason is the newest of the company's Genesis family of gear production equipment.

New Checker Scan-Measures Stick Blades with Ruby-Tipped Probes (Product News)
This month, German automakers will receive the first three units of Klingelnberg's new automated blade checker designed for the shop floor.

Product News (Product News)
The complete product news from May/June 2006

Events (Events)
The complete Events section from May/June 2006, including profiles of the University of Wisconsin gear seminars and the MPIF international conference on powder metallurgy.

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Products of Padua (Addendum)
Some things take time, but a magazine ad more than 600 years in the making?