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Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to our previous issues.

Marco Polo Had it Right
Gear industry suppliers exhibited at the CIMT machine tool show, held in Beijing April 9-15.


New Developments in TCA and Loaded TCA
How the latest techniques and software enable faster spiral bevel and hypoid design and development.

Thermal Behavior of Helical Gears
An experimental effort has been conducted on an aerospace-quality helical gear train to investigate the thermal behavior of the gear system as many important operational conditions were varied.

NASA's Return to Flight
Gear specialists at the NASA Glenn Research facility helped determine it was safe for the space shuttle to fly again.


The Gear Industry's Global Information Source (Publishers Page)
Have you ever been to Malaysia? How about Indonesia, Brazil, Slovakia or Russia? Well, we have. We go there every issue.

One Man's Junk Equals Fellow Gear Lover's Treasures (Addendum)
Tom Every has a collection of gears that would rival many small warehouses.