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Feature Articles

Upgrading Your Toolbox
Manufacturers focus on tool design, materials, coating, machine tool options and cutting parameters.

Gear Design Deconstructed
How difficult is it to design a gear? It depends upon whom you ask.

Transmission Throwdown
Which transmission system will come out on top is a hot topic in the automotive community. With multiple transmission-centric conferences on the horizon, there will be plenty of debate, but how much will the answer actually affect gear manufacturers, and when?

Can Lean Manufacturing Kill Your Job Shop
The presidents of two manufacturing companies were having a drink in the lobby before the start of their trade association's annual meeting...

Technical Articles

Girth Gears - More than Just Metal and Teeth
Large, multi-segmented girth gears do not behave like the relatively compact, rigid, monolithic structures we typically envision when discussing gear manufacturing. Girth gears are very large, non-rigid structures that require special care during the machining of individual mating segments as well as the assembled gear blank itself.

Inclusion-Based Bending Strength Calculation of Gears
Reduced component weight and ever-increasing power density require a gear design on the border area of material capacity. In order to exploit the potential offered by modern construction materials, calculation methods for component strength must rely on a deeper understanding of fracture and material mechanics in contrast to empirical-analytical approaches.

Performance and Machining of Advanced Engineering Steels in Power Transmission Applications - Continued Developments
It is becoming increasingly apparent that material properties can and will play a greater role than before in addressing the challenges most transmission manufacturers are facing today. Making use of materials' intrinsic fatigue properties provides a new design tool to support the market changes taking place.


Honored and Impressed (Publishers Page)
At the AGMA annual meeting last month, the association presented me with its Distinguished Service Award.

Product News (Product News)
The latest from Liebherr, Gleason, Klingelnberg and more.

Gear Teeth as Bearing Surfaces (Ask the Expert)
A reader wonders about gears where the tops of the teeth are the bearing surface, as used in spur gear differentials. Do they require any special construction or processing?

The AGS Gear Industry Training Series (Events)
An Introduct to Gear Process Engineering.

Calendar (Events)
Upcoming gear-related engineering and technical events.

Industry News (Industry News)
Faydor Litvin, 1914-2017; Michael Goldstein receives AGMA Distinguished Service Award.

The Guy Who Put the Gearbox Up Front (Addendum)
As the Indianapolis 500 begins its second hundred years, it is a good opportunity to recall the guy who put the gearbox "up front."