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Feature Articles

Knowing the System
It's more important than ever to understand the full system your individual components are going into. Here's the latest in how software developers are helping you do that.

Identifying Equipment Failure
How machine tool maintenance has evolved in recent years in gear manufacturing.

Fine Grinding on Klingelnberg Bevel Gear Grinding Machines
One way to implement the growing performance requirements for transmissions is by optimizing the surface finish of the gearing. In addition to increasing the flank load capacity and the transmittable torque, this also allows for improvements in efficiency. On Oerlikon bevel gear grinding machines from Klingelnberg, fine grinding can be implemented efficiently in bevel gear production - even in an industrial serial process.

Gerolamo Cardano - A Genius Born to Be Bad
He was an Italian polymath of mystery, mischief and mayhem who also managed to make significant contributions to gear technology and games of chance along the way.

Technical Articles

Method for High Accuracy Cutting Blade Inspection
Inspection of the cutting blades is an important step in the bevel gear manufacture. The proper blade geometry ensures that the desired gear tooth form can be achieved. The accuracy of the process can be compromised when the blade profile consists of several small sections such as protuberance, main profile, top relief and edge radius. Another common obstacle - are outliers which can be caused by dust particles, surface roughness and also floor vibrations during the data acquisition. This paper proposes the methods to improve the robustness of the inspection process in such cases.

Oil-Off Characterization Method Using In-Situ Friction Measurement for Gears Operating Under Loss-of-Lubrication Conditions
The oil-off (also known as loss-of-lubrication or oil-out) performance evaluation of gears is of significant interest to the Department of Defense and various rotorcraft manufacturers, so that the aircraft can safely land in an accidental loss-of-lubricant situation. However, unlike typical gear failure modes such as pitting or bending fatigue where early detection is possible, gear failure in an oil-off situation is very rapid and likely catastrophic. Failures rapidly result in the loss of torque transmission and the inability to control the aircraft.


The Do-It-Yourself Mentality (Publishers Page)
Finding capable, dependable machinists is one of the great challenges of modern manufacturing. Most gear manufacturers we talk to would hire more machine operators - if only they could find them. They lament the fact that their workforce is getting older and grayer, and they don't know what to do.

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