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Feature Articles

Expo Exhibitors Look for Economic Upswing
Companies in the gear industry are looking for signs of an economic upswing as they prepare for Gear Expo 2003, and several are seeing such a sign.

Prominent Gear Engineer Darle Dudley: 1917 - 2003
Darle Dudley, an internationally known gear engineer, of San Diego, CA, died April 11 of hear problems and a serious infection. He was 86 years old.

Columbus Gear Expo - In the Heart of Manufacturing World
Complete guide ti Columbus Gear Expo July/August 2003.

Technical Articles

On a Possible Way of Size and Weight Reduction of a Car Transmission
Almost any external tooth form that is uniformly spaced around a center can be hobbed. Hobbing is recognized as an economical means of producing spur and helical gears with involute tooth profiles.

Vegetable-Based Oil as a Gear Lubricant
Universal tractor transmission oil (UTTO) is multifunctional tractor oil formulated for use in transmissions, final drives, differentials, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems of farm tractors employing a common oil reservoir. In the present work, the gear protection properties of two formulated vegetable-based UTTO oils, one synthetic ester-based UTTO oil, one synthetic ester gear oil, and one mineral based UTTO oil are investigated.

Design of High Contact Ratio Spur Gears Cut With Standard Tools
In high precision and heavily loaded spur gears, the effect of gear error is negligible, so the periodic variation of tooth stiffness is the principal cause of noise and vibration. High contact ration spur gears can be used to exclude or reduce the variation of tooth stiffness.


Shades of Gray (Publishers Page)
In America and most parts of the world, people are looking for answers about what's going to happen next in the manufacturing economy. We're all looking for evidence that better times are ahead, or at least that the worst is over. We crave a clear indicator, something that shows us in black and white that the situation is going to get better.

Arrow Gear: Spiral Bevel Specialist (Voices)
James J. Cervinka and Frank E. Pielsticker must've known the future when they named their new business Arrow Gear Co. in 1947. They started out to manufacture gears for hand tools and machine tools, but their business has taken off since then.

Product News (Product News)
Complete Product News for July/August 2003.

Revolutions (Revolutions)
Welcome to Revolutions, the column that brings you the latest, most up-to-date and easy-to-read information about the people and technology of the gear industry.

Technical Calendar (Events)
Complete Technical Calendar for July/August 2003.

Industry News (Industry News)
Complete Industry News for July/August 2003.

To Climb A Mountain, A Railroad Needs Gears (Addendum)
Recently, the Addendum team has taken a keen interest in a Swiss mountain. being the Addendum team, we haven't been interested in this rocky, fissured mountain for it natural majesty.