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Automotive Gears

New Transmissions Drive Automotive Gear Industry
News from the major automakers and transmission suppliers.

Trends in Automobile Transmissions
With all the work in transmission development these days, the demand for automobile transmission gears should remain strong for several years, but suppliers will have to be as flexible as possible to keep up with the changes.

Technical Articles

Generating Interchangeable 20-Degree Spur Gear Sets with Circular Fillets to Increase Load Carrying Capacity
This article presents a new spur gear 20-degree design that works interchangeably with the standard 20-degree system and achieves increased tooth bending strength and hence load carrying capacity.

The Lubrication of DLC Coated Gears with Environmentally Adapted Ester-Based Oil
A main limiting factor in extending the use of hard coatings to machine component application is the lack of knowledge about how these inert coatings perform under lubricated conditions using today's lubricants.

How to Achieve a Successful Molded Gear Transmission
Molded plastic gears have very little in common with machined gears other than the fact that both use the involute for conjugate action.


Who Pays Your Salary (Publishers Page)
I just finished conducting annual reviews with our employees. They, we--all of us--get our paychecks from our customers.

Drake's Newest Thread Grinder Utilizes Robot Load-Unload System (Product News)
The GS:TE-LM thread grinder from Drake Manufacturing is fitted with a robot load/unload system that provides maximum throughput for high-volume production of ground threads.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the July/August 2006 issue.

AMT Expects Increase in Attendees Over 2004 (Events)
Lines at McCormick Place's Starbucks concession stand will probably be a little longer at IMTS 2006, but the show's organizers won't be complaining.

Events (Events)
The complete Events section from July/August 2006, including a profile on the UTS gear course.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from July/August 2006.

A Movie for Gearheads and Other Mechanical People (Addendum)
Addendum's take on "The World's Fastest Indian," starring Anthony Hopkins.