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Feature Articles

Better Gears & Splines With Metrology
What does it mean to make "better" gears? Better gears more closely resemble the intended design parameters.

How's Your Lead Time
The gear companies enjoying the most success in today’s global market are those that firmly believe quality is much more than expert craftsmanship and foolproof inspection methodologies.

Sigma Pool Hosts Gear Seminar, WZL Event
More than 120 attendees from the American gear community congregated in Saline, MI, in June for the 2007 Sigma Pool Gear Seminar.

Technical Articles

Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gear Cutting Technology Update
Spiral bevel and hypoid gear cutting has changed significantly over the years. The machines, tools, processes and coatings have steadily advanced.


Experience with Large, High-Speed Load Gears
The main theme of this article is high-capacity, high-speed load gears in a power transmission range between 35 MW and 100 MW for generators and turbo-compressors driven by gas or steam turbines.


What's All the Buzz About (Publishers Page)
The 17-year cicadas created quite a buzz in the Chicagoland area this June. Will Gear Expo 2007 create the same kind of buzz in the gear industry?

Were Your Childhood Memories in HIGH GEAR (Addendum)
Loyal Gear Technology reader and Interstate Castings vice president Greg Bierck came across “High Gear” at a vintage toy store in Indianapolis, IN.