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Feature Articles

The Perfect Time for Power Skiving
Italian gear manufacturer Metalcastello’s investment in new Gleason Power Skiving technology gives the company a strong competitive edge as the world’s industries gear up for the post-pandemic.

Supply Chain Management Users Guide
We asked a few industry suppliers to provide some insight into gear manufacturers' supply chain challenges during the pandemic.

Gear Blanking Gets Bigger at Forest City Gear
Forest City Gear is doubling down on its strategy to produce most of its critical gear blanks in-house by adding new capacity, and capabilities, to its state-of-the-art 8,500 sq. ft. precision gear blanking facility.

Technical Articles

DIN Q6 Meets DIN Q10 - the Need for Modern Internal Gear Production
A meaningful discussion about noise is quite difficult because the impression of "noise" is quite subjective. Everybody has a lifetime experience with sound / noise and sees themselves as an expert.

High Traction Differentials
This article explains how gear ratio can improve traction in a differential.

Influence of Planet Carrier Misalignments on the Operational Behavior of Planetary Gearboxes
This study deals with the modeling and consideration of misalignments in planetary gearboxes in the optimization and design process. Procedures for taking into account misalignments in cylindrical gearboxes are standardized and established in industry. Misalignments of central elements like carrier, sun gear or ring gear in planetary gearboxes, cause varying contact positions and variable loads, depending on the angular position of the central elements. This load, which is variable over the circumference, is not taken into account in the standardized procedures, despite its effects on the loads on the gears.


Thanks, Team! (Publishers Page)
It takes a lot to put together a magazine like this one, issue after issue. There are articles to edit, materials to gather, production to coordinate, layouts to develop, subscriptions to enter and much, much more.

Product News (Product News)
The latest gear industry products from WFL Millturn, NUM, Superior Abrasives, GWJ Technology, Helios Gear Products, CAS Dataloggers and SMW Autoblok.

Industry News (Industry News)
The latest gear industry news from Machine Tool Builders, Global Gear, EMAG, Bourn & Koch, Klingelnberg and others.

Rudolf Diesel - Man of Motion and Mystery (Addendum)
You have to admit, having an engine named after you is a singularly impressive achievement.