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Feature Articles

Teaming Up to Solve Bevel Gear Grinding Application Challenges
Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives and Gleason Works Collaborate to Achieve a High Performance Gear Grinding Solution

Current and Future Gearmaking Challenges in Workholding
Quick-change capability and high clamping forces deliver both flexibility and strength.

Increasing Energy Efficiency through Improved Gear Surfaces in e-Mobility
With e-Mobility, there are constantly increasing demands on service life.

Heat Treat 2021
The bridge between research and industry in heat treatment.

Meet Me in St. Louis
The Gear Industry — and companies from the entire power transmission supply chain — will gather in-person at Motion + Power Technology Expo 2021

Technical Articles

Potentials for Process Monitoring in Bevel Gear Grinding
Since the macro geometry of bevel gears is directly dependent on the manufacturing process, there are limitations in the combination of pre-machining and hard finishing processes which are related to the geometry of the gaps.

Psychoacoustics Applied to eDrive Noise Reduction
Physical effects causing transmission noise.

Single Tooth Bending Fatigue Testing at any R Ratio
Evaluation of the bending fatigue performance (stress to life relationship) of different gear materials subject to various manufacturing processes and why subsequent post processing treatments are of significance to gear and transmission designers.


Where Are We Going? (Publishers Page)
The past year has been quite a wild ride for the world, and that includes the manufacturing economy. When COVID hit, every industry took its share of lumps. But for some time now, manufacturing industries have been charging forward.

Building Connections at MPT Expo (Voices)
Building Connections at MPT Expo.

Product News (Product News)
Gear-related new technology from Norton Quantum Prime Grain, Danobat, Big Kaiser, Heidenhain and more.

Industry News (Industry News)
The latest news from Krebs & Riedel, Martin Kapp, QuesTek and more.

Are You Ready for Your Next In-Person Meeting? (Addendum)
Business travel is back, and if you’re serious about impressing your customers, colleagues and co-workers, then you need to look the part.