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Heat Treating

New Vacuum Processes
This paper introduces new process developments in low-pressure carburizing and carbonitriding using either high-pressure gas quenching or interrupted gas quenching.

Captive vs. Commercial Heat Treaters
Heat treating is a vital step in the gear making process—that’s a given. But how that step is taken can happen in a number of ways.

Feature Articles

Gear Expo 2007 Show Preview
The organizers of Gear Expo 2007 promise to combine the most popular features of shows past with some innovations for this year’s attendees. By the time the show closes on October 10, the association hopes its targeted 175 exhibitors walk away with new insights leading to profitability and renewed contacts.

2007 Fall Technical Meeting Schedule of Events
Listing of papers to be presented and activities for the 2007 AGMA Fall Technical Meeting.

Bevel Gears: Optimal High Speed Cutting
This article presents a summary of all factors that contribute to efficient and economical high-speed cutting of bevel and hypoid gears.

True Bending Stress in Spur Gears
In this paper, an accurate FEM analysis has been done of the “true” stress at tooth root of spur gears in the function of the gear geometry. The obtained results confirm the importance of these differences.


The War: Coming September 2007 (Publishers Page)
Publisher Michael Goldstein had a chance to preview Ken Burns' documentary series about WWII, and he shares some of his thoughts.

Sprockets Don't Mesh ; Inspired (Voices)
Letters to the Editor, August 2007.

Wind Energy, Old School Style (Addendum)
The Fabyan Windmill in Geneva, IL