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Feature Articles

IMTS - North America's Show of Shows
We talked with a number of major companies in the midst of their planning and strategizing for IMTS 2012, with the thought of determining just how much things have in fact changed for exhibitors regarding the trade show experience.

IMTS 2012 Booth Listings
Gear Technology's handy list of which booths to visit at IMTS 2012.

IMTS 2012 Product Preview
Booth previews from exhibitors showing products and services for the gear industry.

IMTS Showstoppers
A special advertising section featuring gear industry exhibitors at IMTS 2012.

Powder Metal Magic
Capstan Atlantic, located in Wrentham, Massachusetts, produces powder metal gears, sprockets and complex structural components. The company has provided unique powder metal products in a variety of industries including automotive, business machines, appliances, lawn and garden equipment and recreational vehicles.

Technical Articles

Profile Shift
Three experts tackle the question of profile shift in this issue's edition of "Ask the Expert."

High-Performance Sintered-Steel Gears for Transmissions and Machinery: A Critical Review
Except for higher-end gear applications found in automotive and aerospace transmissions, for example, high-performance, sintered-steel gears match wrought-steel gears in strength and geometrical quality. The enhanced P/M performance is due largely to advances in powder metallurgy over last two decades, such as selective surface densification, new materials and lubricants for high density and warm-die pressing. This paper is a review of the results of a decade of research and development of high- performance, sintered-steel gear prototypes.

Case Study Involving Surface Durability and Improved Surface Finish
Gear tooth wear and micropitting are very difficult phenomena to predict analytically. The failure mode of micropitting is closely correlated to the lambda ratio. Micropitting can be the limiting design parameter for long-term durability. Also, the failure mode of micropitting can progress to wear or macropitting, and then go on to manifest more severe failure modes, such as bending. The results of a gearbox test and manufacturing process development program will be presented to evaluate super-finishing and its impact on micropitting.


Remembering James Cervinka (Publishers Page)
The gear industry lost one of its iconic figures in July when James Cervinka passed away at the age of 92. Jim was CEO and one of the founders of Arrow Gear. For 65 years, he was a gear man, and I can’t help but feeling that his absence shrinks the gear industry by far more than the loss of just one man.

Adapting Lean for High-Mix, Low-Volume Manufacturing Facilities (Voices)
Why traditional lean manufacturing approaches need to be adapted for job shop environments.

New Technology for Stronger Plastic Gears (Product News)
Gleason-K2 Plastics eliminates weld lines with no machining.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the August 2012 issue of Gear Technology.

Calendar (Events)
The complete Technical Calendar from the August 2012 issue of Gear Technology.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the August 2012 issue of Gear Technology.

Technology Mash-Up (Addendum)
The mind melds with gears for cycle project.