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Feature Articles

Taking the Wait Out of High Quality Gear Blanks
Forest City Gear makes the investment to bring gear blanking in-house, giving it complete control over quality and delivery: because failure’s not an option.

Super Skiving Cutter
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) conducted a comparison test between the super skiving cutter and the pinion skiving cutter used in the conventional skiving process and the test results are reported here.

MPT Expo is all about Learning
In addition to hundreds of relevant suppliers, Motion+Power Technology Expo (Oct. 15-17 in Detroit) also offers many opportunities for learning.

Show Stoppers
When you go to MPT Expo, make sure to visit the exhibitors in our special advertising section!

Heat Treat 2019
As the way things are manufactured continues to evolve, manufacturing trade shows are keeping pace with that evolution. A perfect example of that can be found at this year’s biennial Heat Treat 2019 (Oct. 15–Oct. 17, COBO Center, Detroit)

Overcoming Barriers
Depending on who you ask, the Industrial Internet of Things is growing more slowly than anyone predicted. Why is that, and what does that mean for the gear manufacturing industry?

A Tale of Two Gear Companies
Experiencing a Dickensian dilemma in its essence, a Los Angeles based manufacturing company was faced with the good fortune of ever increasing orders for steel gears from a good customer with a new recreational product in very high demand. Confronting the possibility of an untold number of lonely late nights tending to the whims of a 1950s era manual hobber was an unpalatable prospect no one desired.

Technical Articles

Microgear Measurement Standards: Comparing Tactile, Optical and Computed Tomography Measurements
PTB's two microgear measurement standards and their analyses using seven measurement methods which are then presented, evaluated and compared with each other.

Impact of Root Geometry Manufacturing Deviations from a Theoretical Hob Rack on Gear Bending Stress
This study emphasizes the importance of a closed-loop approach togear design and manufacturing to assure designed root fillet shapes are attained in production, and gears meet the design intent.

Optimizing the Operational Behavior of Bevel Gears Using a Tolerance Field-Based Approach
The authors use data analysis to determine which tolerances have the greatest effect on transmission error, enabling them to make adjustments and reduce production costs.


Gear Show 4.0 (Publishers Page)
There have always been plenty of reasons to attend Gear Expo. For decades, it’s been the best place to see all of the technology, vendors and solutions in the gear industry, all under one roof. Now that it's the Motion + Power Technology Expo, it's even more true.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the August 2019 issue of Gear Technology.

Defining the Spline Pressure Angle (Ask the Expert)
A reader requests help designing the mating gear for an internal spline.

Calendar (Events)
The complete technical calendar from the August 2019 issue of Gear Technology.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the August 2019 issue of Gear Technology.

Repairing a Stone Gear (Addendum)
How do you fix a stone gear that has a chipped tooth and has surfaces roughened by acid erosion and covered in black grime? You bring in an art conservator.